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Don't Know what questions to ask?

Our laws are too complicated. Our world moves too fast.  Keeping your journey peaceful may seem to be a struggle.  


At Dammeyer Law Firm, we listen to people, to their concerns and their worries.  We keep track of the changes in the laws and the things they are concerned about so they don't have to do that endless task themselves.  Even if you are not sure what to ask, let us know in your own words what you think you need.

Our website is here to help. Our people are here to help. 




We offer you a number of articles on this website to describe different legal subjects, each designed to give you some background information.  Please enjoy the website and use it as a resource.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Our practice of law is for Minnesota residents and property owners only.  This website is intended for use by such persons only.  Laws vary from state to state.  This site is designed to provide basic information for persons who are considering obtaining legal representation, advice and counsel regarding Minnesota and Federal laws only.  We are not supplying anyone with legal advice on this website, since proper legal advice cannot occur without a thorough knowledge of each client's particular statistics and situation.